We analyze sewage to map population health
in cities.


We analyze viruses, bacteria, and chemical metabolites that are excreted in urine and stool and collected in sewers. This information is a readout of our health and wellbeing as a community. We map this data, empowering communities to tackle public health proactively.


What people are saying about our product

“You know where you can see ‘the stall’ [in the decline of COVID-19 cases] that [Dr. Ashish Jha] is talking about? State level data. You know where you can see it early? Wastewater data.”

Joseph Allen, Associate Professor and Director of the Healthy Buildings Program at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

“[Biobot Analytics] gives us a number that we can track and graph each week. It’s the only surveillance tool we have of everyone, it’s a useful way to help us see what’s coming. Other than that, you’re relying on positivity test results which is a very small portion of the population.”

Karin Carroll, Public Health Director for Gloucester, Massachusetts

“This information [from wastewater] further supplements and confirms the observations of the County Health Department. The virus is present in this small community at high levels. We provide this information as another tool residents can use when making their plans over the near future.”

Kyle Knopp, Rio Dell City Manager

“By having this data, we were able to go out and talk to our community about what is going on in our neighborhoods, in our neighbors’ homes.”

Mike Bajorek, Deputy Town Manager, Town of Cary NC

“Epidemiological data collected by Biobot Analytics in public wastewater can provide real-time information about how opioids are being used at any given time.”

Data Sharing Policies, Data-Driven Solutions, and the Opioid Crisis Report & Recommendations, Office of the CTO, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

“This is another way to use city assets that we don’t think about to hit a problem like opioids or public health in general.”

Mayor Betsy Price, City of Fort Worth TX

“Biobot has developed an intriguing new technology to track and trace zones of high density drug use and deploy public health initiatives into the ‘pocket’.”

Dr. Bertha Madras, President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, and Professor at Harvard Medical School

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